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Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is a revolutionary method of cold therapy involving exposure to subzero temperature for a controlled period of time. WBC is a non-medical, non-invasive procedure for people seeking superior health, beauty, and athletic performance

Treatment of arthritic diseases

Reduces pain and inflammation

Improves blood flow and circulation


This unique 50-60 minute body contouring treatment uses thermal shock to naturally kill fat cells and smooth out cellulite.

Where can Cryo T-Shock be used? On any problem area of the body including the face, neck, chest, stomach, arms, hips, derrière and legs. Start with one problem area and watch the T-Shock perform its magic.

Freeze Fat

Eliminate Cellulite

Tighten and Tone Skin

Face Lifts

CryoSpot Treatment / CryoFacial

The Cryofacial is a cryogenic treatment in which a controlled beam of vaporized liquid nitrogen is used to treat the face, scalp, and neck area. The cold nitrogen produces an instant tightness of the skin, reduces wrinkles and stimulates collagen production which increases skin elasticity.

Reduces pore size and acne

Reduces pain and inflammation

Improves blood flow and circulation

Compression Therapy

Compression Therapy stimulates the body’s recovery process and is used by top athletes throughout the world.

Improves blood circulation

Rapidly accelerates the body's recovery

Perfect for recovery from soreness and fatigue


While a traditional sauna heats the external air around, an infrared sauna penetrates into your body and raises your internal body temperature. Our infrared saunas provide a more comfortable experience that relieves a wider range of health concerns than traditional saunas.

Infrared is gentle, soothing and therapeutic heat that promotes relaxation and improved sleep.

Get rid of toxins and chemicals stored in fat cells through excessive sweating

Burn up to 600 calories in a single session and expel bodily toxins

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So far, so good.

Decided to check this place out. Staff is super informative and very friendly. Especially if you’re nervous entering the chamber, they’ll keep you distracted…

Greatly appreciate them for everything they’ve done on my first visit. Can’t wait to go back. Jorgihno S.

I’m finally getting a chance to share my long overdue review. There are not enough words to describe how grateful I am to have found this place. Since my first visit last year, I’ve experienced the amazing benefits of cryotherapy. It might sound cliché but I’ve noticed the biggest difference by making it a part of my pre & post workout regimens. I also get the cryotherapy facial – oh my goodness, the results are great (especially paired with a lymphatic massage).
I really appreciate the entire cryotherapy team for their patient care throughout the entire process. I’m a sucker for amazing professional service, so I wouldn’t be coming here if it were anything short of that. La T.

The staff here are extremely knowledgeable, professional and friendly especially Vic and Aida!  My boyfriend and I came here to relieve some soreness from head to toe.  It is fascinating what 4mins in the chamber can do! The cryo facial eliminated my acne breakout, diminished some pores, got rid of my headache and it was absolutely relaxing.  One time, they offered $20 for the chamber and $20 for the cryo facial. The laminate floors they installed is modern and definitely an eye catcher.  They have rooms to change.  Shoes, gloves and robe are provided during cryo chamber visit.  Cyro compression therapy is also offered for the human body located inside a room with smart tv installed so you are distracted during this therapy.  This space is clean with plenty of parking! Come here for any treat to your body, whether it’s for after a surgery, sports related injury or non surgical cosmetic needs! We can’t stop telling our friends, clients and family about cryospot! Mary D.