Utilized worldwide since 1970’s to enhance athletic performance, wellness and beauty

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Cryospot Cryotherapy is a leading provider of non-invasive cold therapy focusing on athletic recovery, pain management, and overall health, beauty & wellness. Cryospot provides safe and natural therapeutic programs to aid in athletic performance, inflammation reduction, increased metabolism, anti- aging and skin renewal. Utilized worldwide since the 1970’s to enhance recovery from joint disease sufferers to elite athletes, Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) has proven to be a powerful therapy for inflammatory disorders and injuries.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is a revolutionary method of cold therapy involving exposure to subzero temperature for a controlled period of time. WBC is a non-medical, non-invasive procedure for people seeking superior health, beauty, and athletic performance


This unique 50-60 minute body contouring treatment uses thermal shock to eliminate fat, reduce cellulite, lift and tighten the skin in desired areas


The Cryofacial is a cryogenic treatment in which a controlled beam of vaporized liquid nitrogen is used to treat the face, scalp, and neck area. The cold nitrogen produces an instant tightness of the skin, reduces wrinkles and stimulates collagen production which increases skin elasticity.



The CryoSpot treatment is the perfect compliment to WBC. While WBC is great for overall wellness of the entire body, the cryo-mini is used to target specific areas or “spots” that need further attention. RECOVER faster with a localized spot treatment.


While a traditional sauna heats the external air around, an infrared sauna penetrates into your body and raises your internal body temperature. EXPERIENCE THE INFRARED DIFFERENCE!

What Others Say

  •   Top notch service.  They offer whole body cryotheraphy, compression theraphy, and infrared sauna.  Super clean facility and helpful staff.

    thumb Tuan V.

      FANTASTIC Cryo Therapy facility. Staff AND owners are very helpful and service oriented.  They have a full assortment of services for both males and females. A must go to spot if your looking for a Cryo Chamber along with other treatments, clean and service oriented.

    thumb Julio G.

      I have been coming here since it was opened! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! Takes away my minor aches and pains of getting older they recently added a infrared sauna which feels amazing!!!

    Recently, my son rolled his  ankle during practice and was up and back to practice in three days time !!! Thanks CryoSpot for getting my boy back in the game !!!

    thumb Michelle C.
  •   I love the cold so this was a lot of fun for me. I workout at a boot camp and find it hard to motivate myself to continue even I feel sore. Taking glutamine and bcaa is not something I do consistently so I decided to give this place a shot.

    I felt absolutely amazing after and the cryo facial felt like I was on clouds. I think i got myself addicted and can't wait to return and possibly have a monthly membership to aid in my overall health, skin care, and athletic performance.

    Thank you to Vic who was so patient with us during the process and to Aida who really made my mom and I feel special on her birthday. It meant the world.

    We'll be back soon and you'll see new faces coming your way!

    thumb Julie S.

      I'm in the HR world and work long hours, sit all day, input tons of data, look at two computer screens, and I'm in multiple meetings. Just a little background about my work life. I have been dealing with lots of neck, shoulders, shoulder blades, upper/lower arm, and hand pain. I thought, why not give this place a try? I had heard about all the wonderful benefits Cryotherapy provides and quite frankly, it makes sense.

    An extremely knowledgeable and kind gentleman named Kyle showed me around and gave me a little more information on Cryotherapy including all the benefits. He asked me what exactly I was experiencing and recommended me the Theragun to relieve stress on my shoulders and shoulder blades and the Cryo chamber. Once I completed both the Theragun and the Cryo chamber, I felt a huge relieve. I was ready to go home and sleep like a baby.

    No words can ever express how much CryoSpot helped me and Kyle for listening to everything I was experiencing. When you deal with pain everyday, it can drain you and put you in a different mindset. CryoSpot, Kyle, and the rest of the team are exceedingly kind and wonderful. If you are dealing with any pain/swelling or just want to experience Cryotheraphy, I 100% recommend this place. You feel the care and love.

    thumb Ally P.

      After looking at several cryotherapy spots, I decided to go with CryoSpot. It's a ways away from Fullerton, but totally worth the drive. The prices are cheaper than any other cryotherapy center in OC that I've came across. Don't let their prices push you away though! Their facility is professional and clean. I've spoken with Aida, Vic, and Kyle during my several sessions, and they are all awesome people that are educated in the benefits of cryotherapy and their other services that are worth checking out for sure.

    thumb Casen R.
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